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Channel Performance

With years of experience in dynamic teaching and coaching, our dedicated team members want to assist our high-performance athletes by easing the load off their shoulders. We are all committed to providing in house inquiry learning and long term training expertise. Meet our team of professionals
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About Us

My name is Chantel McDougall. I’m one of the many faces who have been behind the scenes creating Channel Performance.


As a previous athlete and a coach for the past 22 years, I have seen firsthand the different pressures on a day-to-day basis that a child would meet. Figure skating is my background. I know how to teach technical skills but I needed a team behind the scene to develop my athletes in areas I’m not trained in. During the past 5 years, I created a cross-training program for my athletes and have seen huge progress in their development as a skater.​​

Channel Performance offers a support circle to athletes learning how to train and training to train skills to help the athlete develop quicker positive results in sport. Channel Performance brings all the services to one place, at a consistent time and at an affordable price. Athletes will receive cross-training sessions to help them succeed in their sport(s) and the support to succeed in school!


Our Mission

Our program helps athletes improve faster in their specific sport, and become better, more well-rounded athletes, and people. We are also a program, designed to support athletes, children, and youth who want to be involved in various types and levels of training but not necessarily in a specific sport. 


Channel Performance also offers support, resources, and continuing education points for coaches; and offers a unique approach to fundraising for parents and athletes. 


Channel Performance also offers a library of e-learning workshops featuring Doctors in their field of sports specialty.


Channel Performance follows the Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity (Long Term Athlete Development) set by Sport for Life.

Founding Members

 Nonprofit Increasing Potential
Chantel McDougall

Founder and Director

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Mary-Sue Muldoon

Education Consultant

Glenn McDougall


Ralph Schoenfeld

Performance Psychology

Our Vision 

Our programs are outlined and supervised and by experienced coaches with wide range of experience teaching sports. So, your child will learn the right way.

Self Discovery

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