With years of experience in dynamic teaching and coaching, our dedicated team

members want to assist our children and youth by easing the load off their shoulders. We are all committed to providing in house learning and long term training expertise - meet our team of professionals.

Founding Members

Chantel  McDougall
Founder and Executive Director
Mary-Sue Muldoon
Education Consultant
Dale Upton
Athletic Development Trainer
Ralph Schoenfeld
Sports Consultant
Glenn McDougall

Instructors, Consultants and Board Members for

Channel Performance

Alison Friesen


Chantel McDougall

 Alixa flexibility program and vertical jump

Kris Kimosko

Strategy and Marketing Consultant

Glenn McDougall

Derek McDougall


Studio One

Miss Tammy Tropeau

Element Core Control

Midwest Karate

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Ralph Schoenfeld

Performance Psychology

Dale Upton

Power, agility, quick response time and resistance training

Cori Norman


Public Speaking

Building confidence in public speaking builds the athletes confidence while under pressure in sport.

Lead Pilates

Ground Yoga

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