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Chantel McDougall

Chantel McDougall

Alixa flexibility program, Gymnastics (acro, rhythmic and artistic), Intellidance, Circus, Track Coach, Performance Cheer coach, Power skating, Parkour.

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🔘 Chantel McDougall has been a figure skating coach for 20 years. Chantel currently coaches in Saskatoon at Skate Saskatoon. She has completed the
Advanced Coaching Diploma and holds a Trained National Coaches Status.

Chantel is also a certified instructor in Alixa Flexibility. Alixa Flexibility program originated in the Ukraine. Alixa Flexibility program is known all around the world in many sports such as hockey, football, dance, gymnastics, contortion, synchronized swimming and much more!!

Chantel was inspired to build Channel Performance while seeing first hand the pressure that is put on athletes, financial stress on families, expectations on athletes, expectations on volunteer coaches, having athletes choose sports over-school.

Chantel knew there was a solution she just needed to figure out how to merge all these worlds into one.It takes a community to build well rounded athletes, children and youth. Channel Performance offers the support circle and relieves families from the pressure of the financial stresses.
Every athlete has the potential to be successful. It's the umbrella of training that takes place and the time frame of when the training is done to build an overall athlete.

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