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Ralph Schoenfeld

Ralph Schoenfeld

Performance Psychology

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✆ 123-456-7890

🔘 Performance Psychology

Dr. Ralph Schoenfeld, is a specialist in human performance. As a consultant in Sport Psychology with the Saskatchewan Sport Medicine and Science Council, Ralph works with individuals, teams and groups in a variety of sports, from grassroots to international and professional levels. Work in the performance psychology and competition preparation areas involves athletes, coaches, parents, officials and administrators—helping to enhance performance and striving for personal balance and excellence.

Ralph also works with the National Coaching Institute to facilitate Sport Psychology, Conflict Management and Leadership modules to coaches at the local, provincial and national levels. In addition, Ralph has developed curriculum and has acted as a content expert in the ACD (Advanced Coaching Diploma) program for Saskatchewan in the Leadership area. At present, he serves as a coach mentor for the ACD program offered through the Calgary hub. In the past year, Ralph has worked with: male and female curling teams from junior to Olympic Trials competitors; basketball; soccer; swimming; diving; gymnastics; figure skating; baseball; fastball; hockey; athletics; archery; shooting; volleyball; wrestling; synchronized swimming; tennis; squash/racketball; equestrian; golf; track and field; and fencing."

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