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 Tammy Tropeau

Tammy Tropeau

Channel Performance has partnered with Miss Tammy from Studio One in our dance stream

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🔘 Miss Tammy Tropeau 🔹 Element Core Control 🔹

Tammy Tropeau began her professional dance training at the age of nine at The National Ballet School in Toronto. After six years of study in both the Vagonovaand Cecchetti methods with such teachers as Ms. Oliphant, Mr. Luc Amyot, and Karen Kain, Tammy graduated in 1992. After a short professional training program in Philadelphia Tammy realized that her feet were failing and underwent reconstructive surgery on both feet. She then returned to The National Ballet School for an additional two years for their Professional Teacher Training Program. Tammy graduated in 1994 and holds her Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Cecchetti certificates as well as her Associate Imperial Society Teachers of Dancing certificate allowing her to place students into examinations.At the age of 19 Tammy returned to Saskatoon to open her own studio - Studio One RP Dance. Since then she has been invited to Spain to study Flamenco dance, traveled to New York, LA, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Boston and Arizona to study new dance techniques. She also returns to Toronto annually for Cecchetti seminars to continue her training. Along with being a studio owner, Tammy stays involved in the busy lives of her family of 4 children and husband. She is lookingforward to sharing her passion of dance with her students and excited to see what the 2021-2022 season will bring!

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