​​Penny Nilsen

​​Penny Nilsen

Public speaking

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🔘Accelerating Youth Forward

I promote growth in our greatest assets, our youth, by teaching them to nurture their own and each others passions, expertise and trust. One of my greatest passions is making learning fun and interactive - You can bet on it! I start with understanding individuals’ goals and collaborating to find fun ways to build capacity/leadership. One of the most efficient ways to increase capacity/leadership is to start at the foundation - self-confidence - which is built though one small success after another. One of my favourite ways to build self-confidence is by sharing stories and having fun at the same time. Public speaking, drama, and art are the backbone to stories/storytelling, which is just want we do together. I am excited to hear your youth’s story!I have a Masters of Education, and have taught students in kindergarten, college, and business. Today, I am a Learning and Development Specialist with my company First Choice Facilitation Inc. Through workshops, online and in-person,

I am responsible for helping leaders be creative problem-solvers, maximize their resources, and become masters of influence through building relationships of effective communication and collaboration.I support youths and adults to become confident communicators and leaders, as such, I am an avid Toastmaster enthusiast and an executive member with W.E. Toastmasters in Saskatoon. W.E. supports members of diverse backgrounds to become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders though practice and encouragement from club members.

In addition to supporting our youth, we can help you, your staff, and colleagues in professional training and development. See our website, FCF for more information, and subscribe to our blog for tips and tricks in personal and professional development.Looking forward to working with each of you!