Alixa Flexibility 

Originating from Ukraine, Alixa Flexibility offers five modules. Alixa Flexibility is known worldwide for its application to all sports such as weightlifting, hockey, football, soccer, figure skating,dance, acro, gymnastics, adults and seniors. 

Chantel is the Executive Director/President and instructor for Channel Performance also figure skating coach with Skate Saskatoon. Chantel studied dance in ballet, pointe, lyrical, hip-hop, musical theatre, and character ballet. 


Alixa Flexibility 

Illustrated movement

Illustrated movement is a dance class that focuses on ballet bar exercises, jazz, lyrical, Broadway style of dance. Athletes will learn proper body alignment, dance styles, understanding of music, proper bodylines, flow, pitch, musicality, and much more. Illustrated Movement dance class is for cheerleaders, figure skaters, gymnasts, artistic swimming, and recreational dancers.

Illustrated movement is designed by Turner Norman in Toronto. Turner is a dance artist, educator and researcher receiving his is training at the School of TDT, B.F.A with Honours in Dance and Master of Arts in Dance Studies at York University. Turner also runs his own dance studio in Toronto.


Dance Class Saskatoon 

Dance Class Saskatoon, the lifelong dream of dancer, choreographer and owner Dion Dauvin, has been providing dance lessons, choreography for special occasions and artistic performances independently since 1988. Specializing in American Style Ballroom, Rhythm, Swing, Salsa, Hustle, Country & Western, and social Dion provides lessons and choreography for children and adults for social events, weddings, nightclub fun, or competitions. 

Originally from Saskatoon, SK, Dion’s experience includes coaching ice skaters and gymnasts. Since 1988, Dion has travelled to various locations throughout Canada with students to compete in Ballroom and Country & Western competitions bringing home many medals and trophies. 


Chantel and Turner have collaborated together to design this unique cross-training dance class, which trains different areas of body movement that will enhance the athlete’s overall performance in their specific sport.
This dance class will increase the athlete’s performance and artistic score.