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Part 2 Building Athletes For Success 

Ralph Schoenfeld D.Ed


The Elite athletes toolbox

Mental skills tool box for elite athletes

“Price of admission” to be an athlete

Building Athletes For Success Part 1

Ralph Schoenfeld D.Ed

Building Athletes for Success Series 1 is a great workshop for parents and coaches to understand the importance of each role you represent in your athletes support circle. Ralph breaks down effective communication, and responsibilities.

Topics Covered

  • Roles and responsibilities (parents, coaches & athletes)

  • Accountability (parents, coaches & athletes)

  • Effective communication

  • In addition to other topics Q&A

Season Planning & Periodization for Optimal Performance

Dr. John Bardon Ph.D

Topics Covered

  • Season Planning

  • How to's to break up your season with different training phases. Training techiques and methods used in different training phases for optimal preformance

  • Rest and Recovery

Enhance Your Athletes Performance Mental Training

Ralph Schoenfeld D.Ed

Workshop for Parents, Coaches & Board Members

Topics Covered

  • Importance of keywords

  • Signs of burnout and state training

  • How to create a positive competitive environment

  • Strategies for team building

  • How to handle politics in your training environment

  • Q & A

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