13-18  year olds Curriculum 

Element Core Control

(Full body movement, squats (plies) challenged with body lean, different foot placements, arm sequences, flexibility, jumps, balance, control, and rhythm) 


(Power, agility, response time, cardio)


(Full body flexibility, challenging athletes in new positions, and fascia release)

Vertical jump

(Not sport specific, increase height through different jump sequences and positions. How to use and understand body mechanics while jumping)

Public speaking

(Public speaking is known for being the number one fear in most people. When an athlete overcomes fear in public speaking their confidence in performing under pressure gives them tools to overcome mental blocks)

Performance psychology

(One on one with Ralph Schoenfeld, 15 min sessions)

Hands on cooking class

(location: The Local Kitchen, cooking class with Chef Cori Norman)

Martial arts

(Discipline, respect, how to use full body while performing skills, and balance) 


(Strength, flexibility, techniques for breathing, techniques for injury prevention, techniques for relaxation, core control, and balance)


(Strength through movement, flexibility, core control, balance, and coordination)